I was tasked with releasing a limited edition whiskey bottle of an existing Scottish whiskey brand. I chose to focus on Jura, a distillery on the island of Jura in the Inner Hebrides off the West Coast of Scotland.
In the May of 1946, George Orwell set off north, for Scotland, to the island of Jura to write the now acclaimed literary masterpiece that is 1984.
Once on the island, he rented out Barnhill, an abandoned farmhouse at the north end of the island. Today, people can still rent out the farmhouse to pay homage to Orwell.
Therefore, I wanted to design a package that would greet people upon arrival in the farmhouse. The branding replicates the INGSOC company present throughout the book.
The box would contain the following:
Victory Whiskey: A take on the Victory Gin that Winston consumes in the book.
Victory Cigarettes: Cigarettes that Winston consumes in order to calm himself down.
Journal: As people are far away from civilisation and power, the journal gives them the chance to write down their experiences of the island and their stay.
2 x Shot glasses
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